The steeplechase of life

During our week in the lakes, Angela and I went for a couple of walks. Wherever you walk in the lakes, it’s always up! And as we hadn’t been so energetic for a while, we felt every climb, especially the day after! We also watched a lot of the Olympics and some amazing feats of stamina and endurance. Of course what we didn’t see were the 1000s of hours of training that prepared the athletes for those moments. All of which set me thinking about Paul writing in Philippians 3:12-14 about the constant effort required to “run the race” of the Christian life.

If you think about all that training and effort, remember Paul’s motivation to grab the purpose for which God grabbed him, or as Jesus put it, to take the Kingdom of God by force! (Matthew 11:12)

Following Christ isn’t so much a sprint or a marathon as a steeplechase. Things don’t always work out the way we want or expect and so there’s another hurdle to overcome, but we have the motivation of eternity and the prize that awaits us there. Perhaps we should remember Nicola Adams, our gold medal boxer, who was just not going to take silver for a medal!

A friend met one of our local Team GB members last week. She hadn’t won a medal, but her face glowed as she proudly said: “I’m an Olympian”. We may not be spectacularly successful in following Christ, at least as the world might judge, but our proudest boast should always be: “I’m a Christian.”

Yours in Jesus’ name,

Steve Rowley