Words that are bigger than you think

I’m convinced that we have far too limited a view of what some of the great Bible Words are intended to mean. We focus on the magnificent things God has done for us at the cross, but then act as if all we have to do is believe, get our ticket for heaven and join the queue.

Ephesians 4 : 23 “be made new in the attitude of your minds and put on the new self, created to be like God.” is our verse for October and tells us the Lord wants us to be renewed in our attitude of mind and live a life that is like God. That sounds like something to occupy all of us for a couple of lifetimes! When we thought about repentance a few Sunday mornings ago, we saw it as the conviction than brings us to trust Christ for the first time, AND a constant, lifelong challenge to change and see every part of life from God’s perspective, desire and purpose. Likewise, holiness is the awesome characteristic of God that draws out our hearts to worship, and a demand for a present- day lifestyle that adequately reflects the God we love.

Righteousness is the immediate gift of God to all who come to Christ and look in faith at His sacrifice on the cross. It’s our status in His presence and also a call for a quality of life that demonstrates the presence of the Spirit in us, growing His fruit and working with His gifts.

Once you get the idea, these things and a whole lot more become a here and now workbook as we follow Jesus, as well as a past experience of His grace.

Yours in Jesus’ name,

Steve Rowley