From the Pastor’s study…


The Christmas story is full of people searching… Joseph and Mary searched for a room, the Shepherds and Wise Men searched for the baby, Herod wanted to find the new King, but the longest and most intense search had been going on for centuries before that.


Peter writes about how the Old Testament prophets could speak about how God would send a Saviour, but searched and searched for the bits of the story they didn’t know. When would God do this? How could God work out all the details? Could both suffering and glory have their place in the story? Peter even imagines angels straining to look into these things and yet ordinary people like us now know how it happened. In fact it’s all far too familiar to us and maybe we’ve lost the wonder and mystery of what Christmas is really about, and need to recapture the intensity of searching and investigating to discover the real Christmas. That’s really quite difficult in the middle of all the extras our society piles on at this time, but don’t you ever think it’s strange that so many people join in the festivities but never ask what it’s all about or why it’s called Christmas?


As a Christian, you hold in your heart the object of all that searching, the answer to so many questions, the greatest of all those gifts. Encourage a friend to search, and share what’s in your heart.

Yours in Jesus’ name,

Steve Rowley