As you look down the path on our Motto picture, all looks pleasant, calm and peaceful, but round the corner? Perhaps the New Year holds challenges you already know you must face, and we will all be confronted with the unexpected at some stage in 2013, maybe even before you’ve got used to writing 13 instead of 12. The words about not being afraid or discouraged almost became the catchphrase of God’s people: sometimes spoken by leaders to encourage the people, sometimes by God to encourage the leaders, sometimes by leaders to encourage each other but always carrying the power of God’s promise to be with us no matter what.


The Book of Deuteronomy, especially towards the end, contains wonderful wisdom to complement that phrase and help us to be even more trusting as we walk with the Lord. We’ll look at some of them on Motto Day evening, but just consider for a moment 29:29 (easy enough to remember).  Our culture cannot stand not knowing, or having to wait to find out, but this verse says there are secret things, unanswerable questions that belong to God and not to us, as well as things which are revealed, are in the human domain, and so belong to us. Both are meant to equip and enable us to walk with God in obedience to what he tells us, which sounds so simple until you hit the wall of God’s secrets and still have to keep on trusting and walking.

Yours in Jesus’ name,

Steve Rowley