Obedience to God

From the Pastor’s study…

The Bible is full of people who stepped outside their comfort zone in obedience to God’s prompting. Our verse for 2013 has already been used many times to encourage people facing hard times, but we do well to remember it’s primarily to stiffen the resolve of people being challenged to step out into new things for the Lord.

Nehemiah’s prayer as he plucked up courage to speak to the most powerful man on earth is instructive in two things it assumes. First of all, it sees this most powerful of men as simply “this man” compared to God Most High who holds the present and future of every person alike in His hands.  Because of that view, his prayer also assumes that God can do what Nehemiah is asking! God can control the outcome of this particular interview and mould the thoughts and reactions of “this man”.

None of this stops Nehemiah swallowing hard, offering up an arrow prayer and being “very much afraid” Neh.2:2! But the key thing is Nehemiah got on with it and trusted God for the outcome. Many of us need that same courage and trust to rise to the challenges of life. Watching “Call the midwife” last week I marvelled at the courage of those “mere slips of girls” to do what they were doing in the East End, and then one of them went out into the unknowns of Africa for 6 months!  Read Drake’s prayer and let God speak to you about what you might dare to do for Him, daily, weekly or as a one off.

Yours in Jesus’ name,

Steve Rowley