Light and Darkness

As Mary Magdelene (and others) went to the tomb where they had seen people put Jesus body, it was still dark, but the first rays of dawn were just about to break through. The darkness suited their mood as they came to mourn the loss of Jesus, their Lord and teacher, but the dawn also matched what God was about to declare. The light of salvation and victory was just breaking through,

Sometimes we talk about a new event or discovery bringing the dawn of a new age, perhaps in politics, medicine or technology. We even talk about moments of great clarity and understanding as truth dawning on us. Well, here at the empty tomb, the most significant event in all human history was taking place. The women and disciples were making the greatest of discoveries, and over the next few weeks the Spirit would make the truth of the resurrection clear and irresistible to them all! Truly this was the dawn of a new age when mankind’s relationship with God would be built on a completely new foundation.

The theme of light and darkness can be traced through the Easter story as Judas went out to betray Jesus “and it was night” (John 13:30), then darkness covered the earth as Jesus died (Matt. 27:45) and finally the darkness of night gave way to the brightness of the sonrise. The power of the cross, of Christ’s blood, shed for us, brings the dawn of the age of salvation in which we all live. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! He is risen!!

Yours in Jesus’ name,

Steve Rowley