I sometimes feel we can slip into the unconscious assumption  that not only did the church begin on the day of Pentecost, but the Spirit of God made His debut then too! It’s true that Pentecost marked the start of a new relationship between God’s people and God’s Spirit, but right from the opening words of Genesis and their beautiful, poetic description of creation, when God is at work, it is often described as the Sprit of God doing things.

So as Christians we experience this dual aspect of the Spirit. In that post-Pentecost new relationship, we find the Spirit constantly at work IN us, but that does not call a halt to the constant work of the Spirit AROUND us. So we can ask and expect that by His Spirit God will speak to us from His Word, help us when we struggle to pray, remind us of things at just the right moment, inspire thoughts to guide us and empower our witness, impress the will and purpose of God on our minds and so on and so on, AND we will recognise how the Spirit is at work around us, ordering the circumstances of our lives, moving in the hearts and minds of others to prepare them for what we can do to help and explain,  answering prayer in ways we couldn’t have imagined, providing for our needs, doing miracles and so on and so on!.

As we celebrate the Day of Pentecost, let’s ask God to  broaden our understanding and anticipation of what the Spirit can do.


                    Yours in Jesus’ name,     

                                        Steve Rowley