The Glory of Christ

Where do you see the glory of Christ? The Bible would suggest a number of answers to that. In the Psalms it’s the heavens that declare the glory of God, i.e. the wonders of creation cause us to stand in awe of His power, majesty and attention to detail in the beauty and balance of what we see all around us. Incidentally, people are always described as standing in awe – a reaction to God’s glory that gets you on your feet!

There is also an exactly opposite reaction when God’s glory fills a place like the temple and people are pole-axed on the floor, overwhelmed by the sense of God’s presence or unable even to enter the building. A reaction to God’s glory that gets you on your face!

In the life of Jesus, there were obvious times when His glory was revealed, as if the curtains were drawn aside in heaven and people could catch a glimpse of Christ’s radiance – think about His baptism and the transfiguration, yet we are told that He put his majesty aside to come among us.

John 17 suggests that we should see the glory of Christ in the cross and then as we come in faith, we see the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus. (2Corinthians 4:6).

Quite a bit of scope for a sermon or two as we look forward to a new series on the glory of Christ in September!!


                   Yours in Jesus’ name,   

                                        Steve Rowley