Coping with change

From the Pastor’s study…


Do you cope well with change? I remember one talk given at Spring Harvest about changes proposed to a school’s timetable and how this parent reacted. Angry opposition, petitions, meetings to object etc and then she realised she was reacting in exactly the same way as people in her church reacted to proposed changes in service times or leadership structures!

Often it’s not what is proposed but change itself that causes adverse reactions. Then we read those verses from Isaiah 43 that tell us not to dwell in the past but to realise that God is always doing something new and we are called to perceive it. I’m not too sure how encouraging the next verse is, as it talks about being in the desert or the wilderness, but the Lord’s presence will provide both a way through and water to sustain us on the journey.

The rest of 2013 and into 2014 will see big changes in BBC but there will also always be the continuity of the promise of God’s leading and presence – going before us and being with us. (Deut. 31:8) Life itself constantly changes, be it our individual abilities and circumstances or the congregation and direction of the church. The important things to get right are to follow the Lord’s leading and find it in our hearts to trust Him for wherever He takes us. Remember, Abraham only found the promised land after he set out in obedience to God’s call even if he had no idea where he was going.


                   Yours in Jesus’ name,   

                                        Steve Rowley