I caught most of one of the Reith lectures this week. Artist Grayson Perry was talking about trends in modern art, and particularly how at one time, the aim was simply to shock the public. It sounded as if all attempts to produce works of beauty had been abandoned in favour of the increasingly outrageous.  

What a contrast with our verse this month about worshipping God for the beauty of His holiness. I’m not sure Grayson Perry would find holiness beautiful, but I have to ask – would we?


Holiness is about things and people who are different because they belong to God in some way, and supremely about God who is totally different from us. As I was growing up, I learned to identify that difference as something serious and remote – distant as much as different. Then I saw holiness in terms of a life that contrasts with those around in character and actions in compliance with God’s rules. More recently I’ve added the thought that holiness is a reflection of God’s presence and activity in our lives and the effects of our relationship with Him, but in all these ways it’s rooted in God and His holiness.


All of us may find God’s holiness beautiful in one way or another, but stretch you mind/heart/faith to embrace them all and “worship the lord in the beauty of his holiness”.


      Yours in Jesus’ name,   

                                        Steve Rowley