2014 Motto verse

Last year’s Motto verse cropped up just SO many times for different people at different times. Praise the Lord – his word is so relevant for us all the time. This year we, certainly as a church and possibly as individuals, will go through some serious changes which will be as challenging as anything else we might face, and we need to learn a few tricks before we get there! Hopefully Isaiah 43 will remind us of them during the year.

Remember but don’t dwell! It’s a great thing to remember what God has done in the past. It helps us believe for what He can do in the present and the future. But we can’t live in the past, God is doing something new and we must be alert and prayerful enough to see what that is. (Watch and pray Matthew 26:41)

You need two things in the desert – a sense of direction so you don’t just go round in circles, and water to sustain you on the journey. Our verses tell us that God supplies both a way through the wasteland and streams along that way.

Our verses also remind us that God is doing these things in the here and now. He promises them for the future, but is providing for whatever we face at the moment. One of the hardest things to deal with is when it seems God isn’t doing anything, and perhaps at those times the crucial word for us is about perceiving what He brings today.


Yours in Jesus’ name,

                                                   Steve Rowley