Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, is traditionally a time to prepare yourself to fully appreciate and experience the power of the cross and the empty tomb. Get your physical and mental being under control by giving up something you enjoy, (although there’s a more positive approach elsewhere in the Mag!) and focus yourself spiritually by making time to spend with the Lord (e.g. the 12 hours of prayer on 22nd).

Sunday morning sermons up to Easter will be following a theme of “the power of the cross” and exploring just some of the ways this is described in the New Testament. Different people have experienced this power differently and described it in the ways that best portray their experience. The forgiveness that restores us to our Heavenly Father is always the heart and foundation of every Christian’s story, but we may also be overwhelmed by the grace of God in accepting us or releasing us or overcoming our fears through that relationship which the cross establishes.

We can’t make our individual experience of the cross into a norm for everyone else to follow, but as we listen to the ways this power is described we should both praise God for what He has done, ask ourselves if we too should seek that same touch of power, and then come to Good Friday with hearts open and ready for God to bless us.

Yours in Jesus’ name,

                                                   Steve Rowley