Your Mission

We’ll be thinking about the cover verse for May during the morning service on 11th and will consider what it means to see all our lives and contacts as our mission field, our own contribution to the “all nations” of Jesus’ commission.

Other sermons in May and June will help build up our knowledge, confidence and experience in those things we often take for granted but ignore at our peril as we go out into our world to make disciples. We’ll also look at some of the questions we hope no one asks if ever we talk about our faith, and just what we are trying to communicate when we eventually challenge someone to become a Christian.

All of which is calculated to take the sting out of the subject of personal witness and prepare us for the opportunities the Lord is going to bring to us. Philemon vs 6 leads me to believe that not every first century Christian was a vibrant, effective witness either, and Paul looked forward to them growing in understanding their faith as they took steps towards making disciples. You learn such a lot when you share your faith with someone else.

A few years ago we did a sermon series about being a Lighthouse for our circle of contacts to warn of danger but also to guide into a safe harbour, and here we are again covering the same ground because it’s such a difficult thing to maintain consistently. Are you ready to go? “This is your mission if you choose to accept it!”
Yours in Jesus’ name,
Steve Rowley