Risen, ascended,glorified

Ascension Day often gets overlooked in the BBC reduced version of the church calendar – mainly because it always falls on a Thursday and often in half term! But it’s vital that we include Jesus being taken into heaven in the overall picture of our faith. If not, there will be unanswered questions about how Jesus can bring us to the Father in prayer and when our time comes, and the whole story of His time on earth will be like an unfinished symphony. Also, the Bible tells us that, 10 days after Ascension, on the Day of Pentecost, it was our exalted Jesus who received the Holy Spirit from the Father and poured Him out on the disciples, turning the fearful and disorganised rabble into the church. (Acts 2:33)

At one time I searched and searched for a hymn I vaguely remembered, containing the line “risen ascended, glorified”. It turned out to be the last line of the last verse and the whole hymn is full of vivid Biblical imagery describing the ministry of Jesus in heaven for us. (431 in Mission Praise Lord enthroned..)
So God has given Himself to us to bless us through Christ in heaven itself and through the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit among and within us here and now, bringing His powerful gifts, producing His fruit and making us into effective witnesses.
Yours in Jesus’ name,
Steve Rowley