Change is upon us! Scary for some, exciting for others and an opportunity for everyone. The verses for this year, chosen with these big changes in mind, tell us that the Lord will provide the way forward and the essentials for the journey and our job is to perceive or discern the new thing He is already doing and to get involved. I am immensely confident about BBC in the future, not because the Elders are wonderful (which of course they are!) but because the Lord has carried us and seen us through many traumas and changes over the years and He is not going to change and abandon us now.

If you want to be part of this new adventure with God, let me suggest that you:
• Volunteer for a new job (and keep on doing the old ones!) God will equip and empower you and you’ll learn so much. For example, the need for leaders and workers in our mid-week clubs is critical.
• Encourage those brave souls who are doing their best in new areas of service. That doesn’t rule out loving, constructive criticism, but build them up.
• Pray through all the different aspects of church life on a regular basis. That way, even if you can’t be actively involved you’ll still be an essential part of each team.

It has been a huge privilege to be Pastor at BBC and we’ve shared some great times. Always remember that whatever mistakes have been made were ours and whatever good has been achieved the praise and glory must go to Jesus.

Yours in Jesus’ name,
Steve Rowley