From The Elders’ Study September 2014

A number of our young people are off to, or returning to, university this month. Their diligence in study has helped them realise their hopes for the next stage of their life’s walk. This could remind us to be diligent in our service to the Lord, our study of His word, and our prayer for his people and our hope for the calling of our next pastor , in accordance with the Lord’s plans and purposes, will be realised. Just as our students could be distracted from their work by other life events, responsibilities and relationships ; so may we be distracted by similar pressures and distractions and the fervency of our seeking afer the Lord will be diminished and our hope weakened. Psalm 25:3 reminds us :‐ “No‐one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame”. The future of this Church is firmly in the Lord’s hands, however the Lord chooses to work through His people and it is vital we each take our part in the work of the Lord here. So as He gives us the blessing of a new pastor we are ready to receive, and as He changes us to conform with His plans and purposes; our part is to be active in His service and reliant on His Grace and goodness. Our hope for the future days The Lord gives us may then be realised and He will continue to prepare us for the Day when all our hope in Him is realised and He returns!

2 Chronicles 16:9 “The eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth looking to strength‐en those whose hearts are fully committed to Him”
John Grundey