From The Elders Study December 2014

Thoughts from Dog Walks
Anyone who has visited our house in the last couple of years will have been greeted by an unnecessarily enthusiastic black Labrador, Mollie. Since Mollie came to live with us in the summer of 2012 we have got to know the fields around where we live much better as we’ve walked Mollie and finally taught her not to chase sheep that winter there. This has been successful to the extent that we can walk her through the fields of sheep, off the lead, with some gentle reminders that we are watching she leaves the sheep alone.

There are times however when we comes across a sheep that has managed to get itself entangled in the brambles. At this point Mollie will bark and bounce at the sheep, which tries, terrified, to get free and often can’t, requiring Rachel or I to pull the brambles up by the roots at which point the sheep races off to join the flock, dragging the remains of the brambles with it. Based on the evidence of the first winter after the sheep had left, Mollie has had a very positive effect on the survival rates of the sheep.

Sheep are really stupid and continually get themselves stuck in the brambles. Let’s ensure that we are not “all like sheep who have gone astray, each of us turning to our own way” and steer clear of “the sins that so easily entangle us” and leave us trapped, open to attack and keep us from where the rest of Gods flock is going.