From the Elders Study March 2015

Could Jesus run?
On the face of it an unnecessary question, being 100% man as well as 100% God he could do all that was human as well as all that was God, yes of course he could run. More interest is did he run and more interesting than that is were there ever circumstances where Jesus was in a hurry?
Jesus had a mastery over time, to the extent that I am not sure that he ever rushed anywhere, when he was under threat of attack or danger from the crowd, he simply walked through the crowd rather than running away, when his friend Lazarus was dying, he waited another couple of days before going to see him and his sister.
There is a saying “when God made time, he made enough of it” which can seem trite and outdated in our high speed internet age, where rushing is the norm and stress is commonplace, but I believe that that remains as true today as the first time that was said. God has provided us with as much time as we need to achieve His purposes, the hard bit then is to square the circle and apply that in our lives today.
Here are two things for you to considered and try out:-
1. Let’s not think we can do this on our own, we can’t, otherwise we would have done this already! We plainly need God’s wisdom and help in prioritising our lives to be able to achieve His purposes, so that we don’t get distracted by the transient and concentrate on the eternal. So daily lets pray daily (manna from heaven came daily, God’s help comes daily, but you will need to ask daily) and ask that God helps us with this
2. Read through the Gospels, one a week for four weeks and note all times ways that Jesus uses time and see what we learn from that, he is after all the master of time. (This is someone else’s idea shamelessly plagiarised to make me look clever!)
So could Jesus run, yes of course he could, he just did not need to.
PS please don’t think that I have this sorted out, I haven’t, which is maybe why I am writing this