From The Elder’s Study May 2015

We have recently celebrated Easter with its glorious promise of new life and victory over death. We know that Jesus is risen and alive. But there is more to come.
This month we will be celebrating Pentecost and remembering that time when the Holy Spirit came upon the first disciples, transforming a group of rather bewildered followers of Jesus into the Church – making them agents of God’s kingdom in the world. The good news is that this same Holy Spirit is still at work in the church today. He makes God real to us and empowers us to live for God. He wants to change us, individually and as a church to be what God wants us to be.
This Pentecost will we allow God to empower and equip us to make a difference in the world? Will we co-operate with the Holy Spirit. Will we allow Him to change the things that need changing in our lives?
On the day of Pentecost Peter explained the good news about Jesus and 3,000 people responded by believing and being baptised. Baptism is the Bible’s way of saying “yes” to Jesus. It shows we accept the new start that God gives through Jesus. Perhaps some people need to take this step – talk to one of the elders if you want to know more.
Other may need to let the Holy Spirit change particular areas of their life or develop the gifts which the Spirit is giving. Whatever it is, let’s not simply celebrate Pentecost as the anniversary of an event that happened almost 200 years ago – God wants to make it real today.