Thank you for your warm welcome

Hi everyone. Thank you for your warm welcome to the area. We have been made to feel very blessed and thanks for the food which was a great surprise to us.
We are settling into our new surroundings and Margaret has already started work at Stepping Hill. She says that it is very different from where she worked before and there is a lot of things for her to learn, but she is feeling confident that she is going to enjoy it.
The house is great and the view across the field to the seven arches is very pleasant, I find the sitting room a very restful and relaxing place to be. I have also enjoyed walking and praying along the Lady Brook trail to Bramhall Park and look forward to this becoming a regular part of my routine.
We have been visiting other local churches on Sundays, so far in the morning Ford’s Lane and Bramhall Methodists, in the evening Hazel Grove Baptist Church and Altrincham Baptist Church. I am very grateful to the elders for affording me this opportunity and it is giving me a chance to get a feel for local church life and a sense of the people who go to church in Bramhall. There is no doubt that the context of the church is significantly different from Redcar and that I have much to learn over the next few weeks, months and years.
Writing to the church in Corinth Paul said,” I came to you in weakness and fear, and with much trembling.” (1Cor. 2:3). I echo these words as I take up the pastorate in Bramhall. Not because you are particularly scary bunch, you seem quite nice, but because like all of us I have a tendency to begin to believe it’s about me, my gifts, my vision, my hard work and of course there is some truth in that but ultimately like Paul we need to keep remembering that it is all about Jesus and him crucified.
It is Jesus Christ who will build his church, not me and not you. It is Jesus Christ who will bring his work to completion in my life and in your life. So although I do feel totally inadequate for the task before me I thank God that it’s his job to build his church. I thank God that contrary to our world it is in weakness and vulnerability that God is most powerfully at work and most wonderfully glorified.

Phil Dixon