Pastor’s Blog July/August 2015

I’ve been warned that a mass exodus is about to occur in Bramhall. The summer holidays are about to begin. Holidays are a modern idea that developed out of Holy Days. On certain Holy Days there would not only be the opportunity for worship, but there would be a fair, a market, stalls and entertainment, it was the closest ordinary people ever got to a holiday.
Many of you will be thinking, I’m ready for a holiday. I want to suggest that holidays can and indeed should be holy days.
In Luke 10:27, Jesus summarized (actually it’s an expert in the law, but Jesus affirmed it as the right answer) as the fulfilling of the whole law, “Love the Lord your God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind,” and, “love your neighbour as yourself.” I take this to mean that God wants all of me, all my time, my money, my attention, my devotion every last part of my being. That sounds a bit threatening but in giving God our all we will find that our families, our neighbours, even our enemies will be blessed.
If God wants our all he wants our holidays, he wants to make them into Holy Days. Holy means set apart, God I believe wants us to set apart our holidays to be centred upon him. This is not a plea for churchy stuff but simply the intentional placing of God at the heart of our days on the beach, or theme park, or water sports, recognising that if we want real rest, true refreshment then God our Father is the best source for rest that truly renews.
Here are a few suggestions that may help put God at the heart of our holiday.
1. Go to church at least once.
2. Make time to be with God to read the bible and to pray.
3. Read a Christian book or two. I’m already planning my reading.
4. Ask God to give you the chance to witness too or to serve someone on your holiday.
5. Ask God to be at the centre of every day.
I pray that God will bless those of you who are going to be away in the next couple of months. May God truly refresh you.