Pastor’s Blog November 2015

Matt 24:42,” Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”
My mind is beginning to turn to Christmas. Having said that I haven’t done anything about it. According to Facebook a friend of mine had Christmas sorted by the middle of October, cards written, presents wrapped. It sounds a bit too organized!
How ready are you?
The four weeks before Christmas are called Advent and in recent years, I’ve started to pay more attention to this season of the Christian year in fact to the Christian calendar in general. I’ve found it to be helpful to my own spirituality.
The name Advent derives from a Latin word meaning, “coming”. The season of Advent focuses on the coming of Christ from two perspectives. The first is the ancient longing of God’s people for the Messiah to come. The second perspective is our longing in the present generation for the second coming of Jesus.
The challenge of Advent to us is twofold, the first connecting with a theme from recent Sunday’s causes us to ask ourselves, “How much do we long for Jesus’ living presence in our lives today?” The second calls us to readiness for the day and hour unknown when Christ will return in all his glory. Will we be ready? Living lives that honour the God who loves us.
As Christmas approaches and the speed of life increases how will we make space in our lives to prepare to meet our King?
A traditional prayer for Advent:
Sir up O Lord, the wills of your faithful people,
That richly bearing the fruit of good works,
They may by you be richly rewarded. Amen.