Pastor’s Blog March 2016

Easter is the very heart of the Christian Faith and is the central festival of our faith and it deserves to be given serious attention by each of us.
Growing up in Barrow, our church had a Good Friday Tradition, not for us the march of witness but we spent Good Friday touring local villages and having open air meetings where the gospel was preached through a megaphone to any who would listen. We had fun I’m not sure it was quite as well regarded by the villagers.
As I’ve matured and become more experienced in ministry I’ve grown to appreciate the church calendar and taking seriously the shape of the Christian year emphasizing as it does all the foundational events that form the basis of our faith. So over the years I’ve come to value following the pattern of the events of the first Easter in shaping the pattern of worship of the church. I love to have communion on Maundy Thursday, a reflective service on Good Friday and a joyful celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Day. In addition I’ve enjoyed many years of Easter Monday walks and picnics that brought the weekend to a happy conclusion.
The gospel centres on the events of Easter, Jesus’ death on the cross as our substitute and his resurrection on the 3rd day. Without Easter there would be no forgiveness and there would be no new life. For the church Easter is the high point, the focus of our faith and I have come to see how important it is to really celebrate it thoughtfully together. Someone said to me but don’t we celebrate Easter at every communion and of course that is true but what we do around the Lord’s Table is a shorthand version of the events. I believe that at Easter we should take the time to tell the story more fully, pausing to reflect on the washing of feet, the betrayal, the trial and the detail of those incredible events. Allowing the wonder of the humility of Christ to grip us and the incredible cost of our salvation to amaze us afresh. Can I therefore, encourage you to take time this Easter reflect deeply on all that Jesus has done for us.

Phil Dixon