Pastor’s Blog May 2016


I’ve been feeling a little dispirited lately. I can’t quite put my finger on why but as I approach the end of my first year here perhaps it’s just the realisation of how much life has changed and that there is now no going back. Alongside this is a growing awareness of the significant challenges we face.

However I came across a book called, “Good to Grow” by Steve Tibbert which tells the story of the phenomenal growth of a church in Catford, London. I was really encouraged by this book and found myself devouring it in a day, just what I needed. It reminded me of the time just before moving to Bramhall and the modest prayer that I was bringing to the Lord, day by day, “Lord grant us a sustained period of growth in Bramhall.” I needed to be reminded of that prayer because I had forgotten it in the busyness and routines of ministry. It is very easy to stop dreaming and become focused only on the issues of the present moment. Since reading this book, I’m back to asking God each day to grant BBC a season of growth. By which I mean a growth in numbers, more people coming more regularly and also a growth in maturity among us, who see BBC as our church.

I know that not everyone believes that we should make growth a goal or pray for it. Some like the church as it is and want it to stay largely unchanged. Others I think, don’t want their church life to be subject to the kind of pressures they experience in other areas of their lives. For some numbers equates to A-C at GCSE. Others feel that talk of growth is a little tacky and unspiritual. Some possibly most have simply decided that most churches don’t grow in Britain so why set ourselves up for disappointment.

So should we pray for the church to grow?

I believe YES we most definitely should. Because:

  • God wants to see many people in Bramhall and beyond become Christians and join his church.
  • God wants BBC to be a sign to the community that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and the Holy Spirit is present and working in his church today.
  • That as a general rule, healthy churches grow.

As we study Acts together in the next few weeks we will come across a number of references to the church growing, people being saved and added to the church. (Acts 2:41, 47: 5:14; 6:7 ;). Luke clearly believed the growth of the church was important, was normal and was to be expected. God is at work in the UK, many churches are growing, people are coming to faith in Christ so will you join me in praying that BBC will know the joy of such a season of growth.

Phil Dixon