Pastor’s Blog April 2017

The events of the first Easter stand at the very heart of the Christian Faith. In my view Easter is the primary season of the Christian Year and one which I would encourage us to really engage with year on year.

The gospels give a disproportionate amount of time to the final week of Jesus’ life emphasizing to us its incredible significance and I have to admit to being perplexed by the relative apathy that many Evangelical Christians seem to have towards engaging with Easter through the worship life of the church. I know we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday but that is no reason for us not to give special attention each year to the last week of Jesus’ life. There is so much in the gospels that we need to come back to. To remember and to chew over and in so doing we may find that our faith will be deepened.

The Jews were taught by Moses to retell the story of the Passover every year. To gather as families and around a meal remember the events that led to the escape from Egypt, God’s great act of salvation. The faith of children was formed in the telling and retelling of the story, which was not just a lesson in history but was in a very real sense their story too.

There are important lessons for us to learn from their example. Easter is our story, it is because of what Jesus did at Calvary that we are set free, it is because he rose again that we are new creations, it is because he shared a Passover meal with his disciples that we break bread and share wine together to remember these events. It is because he washed his disciples feet that we know we are called to be a servant people.

I have come to appreciate using Holy Week to recall and to reflect upon these events, to in some way live in the story of that first Easter Week. I love to share communion on Thursday night, I love to journey to the cross on Good Friday and I love to celebrate the resurrection on Easter Day and I would encourage others to do the same.

Paul in Galatians 6:14 urges the believers to boast only in the cross. Part of that boasting is to remember and to tell the story of our salvation.

Our programme for Easter:

Thursday 13th 7-9pm Supper and Communion. (Please sign up for supper see notice board at church or let me know)

Good Friday 14th 9.45am Service at Ford’s Lane, followed by walk of witness.

Performance of Handel’s Messiah (see notice sheet for details)

Easter Sunday 16th 10.30 am Morning Service.


Phil Dixon