Pastor’s Blog December 2017

“Christmas is all about football.”  This is the claim of Sky Sports Advert for the Christmas season. So this year at BBC carols will be replaced by soccer chants, the baby in a manger replaced by a ball and the three wise men will be played by Alan Shearer, Mark Lawrenson and Gary Lineker.

Have you noticed that there are two Christmas’ being celebrated in our society? There is the secular Christmas which celebrates family, generosity and good will but which is by and large divested of any Christian meaning. We shouldn’t get too miserable about this secular Christmas because after all who wouldn’t want to encourage generosity, family and good will. It’s a Christmas that if you want it to be all about football well that’s fine too.

On the other hand there is the Christmas that the church wants to celebrate. The Christmas that is all about a baby in a manger, who is Christ the Lord. A revolutionary story which if true changes everything for every one for all time. It’s the role of the church to tell this story and spell out its implications and call all people to worship the king.

The issue for us is not somehow to get more nativity scenes in the high street and more carols on the radio as if this somehow makes Christmas more Christian. But rather to work out what it means for us as church and as families and individuals to so put Jesus at the centre of our Christmas that others are drawn to him, as if to the Light.

Let us then seek ways in which we can honour Christ as Lord this Christmas.

Phil Dixon