Pastor’s Blog February 2018

There is an opportunity for us during the next couple of months to consider the role of elders in the church. Presently we have two elders, James Lasseter, Stephen Burr plus myself. Due to an administrative blunder Dave Langton’s term of office ended in December without the opportunity for the church to re- appoint him. Tom Townson as treasurer is a trustee but not an elder.

I think it’s fair to say that this leaves us a little light in this area. The role of the elders is a vital role in the church and it is a role that not everyone can fill but to which we should aspire. (1 Tim.3:1)

A blog does not give the space to give detailed consideration to all the factors that we should consider. I Peter 5:1-4, gives an idea of the role of an elder. (I recently preached on this passage and the sermon is on the website.) 1 Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, describe the qualifications for eldership. It would be good to read those passages prayerfully and thoughtfully. Here are some brief bullet points for us to think about:

  • Church leadership should always be a shared, team responsibility.
  • The team should consist of men/women who are suitably qualified.
  • These qualifications prioritise character over gifting and emphasize practical areas such as marriage, family, financial integrity and a good reputation in the wider community.
  • Elders are to provide leadership and care for the church.
  • They are to be mature believers who know their bibles well.

Beyond this there are some things that our constitution also requires us to take note of.

  1. Elders are also trustees, trustees have legal responsibilities for the church, for such things as safeguarding, health and safety and financial management.
  2. Elders must have been baptized as a believer and a member of the church for more than two years.

The next church meeting is in March and we want to invite you to consider if you think there are suitable people to be approached about being an elder. I would strongly encourage anyone considering standing to speak to me before putting their name forward. I’ll let you know more of the formal procedure at a later date but in the meantime please give prayerful thought to this subject.

Phil Dixon