Pastor’s Blog August 2018

Mike Breen, who led a church in Sheffield for a number of years, has written a number of interesting books on the church and disciple making.

He notes that Jesus told his followers that he would build the church and that they were to go and make disciples. So often we get this the wrong way around. He goes on to suggest that if we focus on making disciples we will always get the church but if we seek to build the church we are more likely to produce consumers than we are disciples.

I believe that our first task is to make disciples. If we do that everything else will follow on.

Discipleship is more than a 12 week course at the beginning of our Christian life, it is a lifelong commitment to learning, to serving and to being changed into the likeness of Jesus. It is the passionate pursuit of God in all the fullness of his being, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Recently a friend challenged me to try to think of ways in which we could put disciple making at the centre of the church. I have been thinking about that challenge. What is our R.O.L.E. as disciples of Jesus Christ?

R – Rooted in God’s Word.

O – Open to God’s Holy Spirit.

L – Loving God’s People.

E – Engaged in God’s mission.

This is not a list in order of importance but rather four points on the discipleship compass. How do we know that we are becoming more like Jesus? Because we are growing in these four areas of our lives.

I’m looking for some volunteers who would like to intentionally develop their lives as disciples. I’m looking to form a group of 3 or 4 people who would  be willing to meet for an hour a week and together explore how we can encourage one another to grow in our R.O.L.E. as disciples.

Have a word with me if this has stirred an interest in you. No qualifications are required no one is too young or too old.

Phil Dixon