Pastor’s Blog February 2019

On Sunday mornings through January we have been revisiting in our teaching three core elements in the life of any healthy church. We have been thinking about them in terms of directions of travel. In this blog I want to identify a few priorities for us moving forward together.

  1. The Journey Up – Discipleship.

In the great commission, Matt. 28:18-20, Jesus commanded his disciples to go and make disciples. At the heart of every healthy church there needs to be a commitment to make disciples of Jesus.

Discipleship is the life long journey towards Christlikeness. The journey takes in every scene of our lives, every experience we have and every challenge we face. For me then there are two areas of priority here:

  1. Each of us committing personally to the lifelong adventure that is discipleship.
  2. As a church developing a number of ways by which people can be encouraged to encourage one another on this journey, i.e. house groups, short courses, e.g. Alpha, or discipleship huddles.


  1. The Journey in – Fellowship.

There is always overlap in these things but we need others to grow as disciples. We also need the dynamic rough and tumble of real relationships to become Christ like people. Our priority here has to be:

  1. To work hard to maintain the unity of the Spirit.
  2. To ensure that our welcome to visitors helps them to feel they belong.


  1. The journey Out – Mission.

Disciples are by definition on mission. Jesus has called us and placed us where we are with the purpose of us being his witnesses. As a church while we should always seek to be a place of welcome we must recognise that we are sent out into the world to witness to Jesus.

  1. In 2019 as a church we will go and tell in Bramhall.
  2. We will seek to identify a need in our community and find ways in which we might help to address those needs.

This is not all that could be, or needs to be said but it does indicate some of the areas I will be focusing on this year.

Phil Dixon