Pastor’s Blog June 2019

Margaret and I have just returned from a walking holiday in Scotland. We walked the East Highland Way from Fort William to Aviemore. On a number of the days we didn’t see any other walkers and very few other people. It was only Margaret and I. You can imagine that it didn’t take us long to run out of things to talk about. So quite long stretches of our walk were spent in comfortable silence.

As important as good communication is in any relationship, there are times when just being together is all that is needed, no words need to be said. I think the same is true of our relationship with God.

I love the verse in Genesis 3, which pictures God coming to the Garden of Eden, to walk and to talk with Adam and Eve. It is a vivid reminder that we were created for a relationship with God, a relationship of both intimacy and of awe.

At the heart of this relationship is prayer. Prayer is the way we communicate with God. In prayer we both speak and we listen. We present our requests to God and we in turn hear from him and are changed by him.

I read a quote from Pete Greig founder of the 24:7 prayer movement in which he observes, “I’m not into prayer, I’m into Jesus.”

Prayer is not the end in itself, it is the primary way in which we are drawn into a deeper intimacy with God and a greater concern for his purposes in us and in the world. But beyond prayer we surely want to become people who live 24:7 in the presence of God, walking with him and being aware of his presence in comfortable silence.

If any of this resonates with you, can I encourage you to use the prayer room at church? It will be open 8am -8pm until Sunday June 9th. It’s a great way both to speak with God and to simply be in his presence.

Phil Dixon