Pastor’s Blog May 2019

Throughout the month of May we will be having a series of sermons on The Lord’s Prayer. This is in part to prepare us for a 10 day season of prayer that will run from Thursday May 30th until Sunday June 9th this covers the period in the church calendar from Ascension Day until Pentecost. A period, that according to Acts, the disciples devoted to prayer and waiting upon God. These 10 days are being used as a focus of prayer by many churches under the banner, “Thy Kingdom Come.”

We want to use this time for two related purposes:

  • A time of focused prayer.
  • An outreach into our local community.

We intend to do this by creating a prayer space in church that can be used for both personal and corporate prayer. There will be some fixed times when we will be able to meet together to pray and some times when the church will be open for individuals to use the space for personal prayer.

In terms of outreach we intend to ask people in our local neighbourhood if they have prayer requests and to commit to praying for those requests daily for the 10 days.

At present our hope is to:

  • Identify an area of houses around the church and put a letter through each door with the offer of prayer.
  • To visit those houses to collect any prayer requests.
  • To pray for 10 days.
  • To revisit those people who asked us to pray and ask if the prayer has helped.

Prayer is something that many people believe in and something that we as Christians can do on behalf of our friends and neighbours. We believe that God hears and answers prayer.

In order to do this we need as many people as possible to commit to helping us with the different elements of this plan. There will be more details to follow.

Please pray for God to work through this, in us and in our local community.

Phil Dixon