Pastor’s Blog January 2020

This is my last blog as pastor of Bramhall Baptist Church and I wanted to write briefly to express our gratitude to you for your love and friendship during our time here. Also to express appreciation for the gracious way in which you have taken news of our departure, it is reassuring that there wasn’t any dancing in the aisles when the news was announced.

We are planning to move to Shipley and to live, for a few months with our daughter Rebecca, son in law, Dave and our granddaughters Evelyn and Ella. Margaret has a job, at Airedale General Hospital which she will start sometime around the end of February. I am planning to have a break during which time I will be praying about my future, I hope that at some time in the future I will return to paid ministry. We will be around in Bramhall until the middle to end of February, so you may see us in the village from time to time.

Since announcing that I was leaving a few people have asked me about my call to Bramhall and said to me, “we were so sure that you were the right person for this church.” I believe in the sovereignty of God and I do believe that I was called here by Him. It may be that we assume that we can predict what God wants to achieve through his call to the church and when that doesn’t happen it’s easy to assume that somewhere along the line we or I got it wrong.

But perhaps that is not the case. We cannot know what God intended to do during our 4 1/2 years here. It is my deepest hope that God will have used this time in a positive way to advance his purposes for Bramhall Baptist Church, and it may be that we may never know precisely what those ways were. However, this I do know that as you look to the future God’s intention is to build his church for his glory so don’t look back with regret but look forward with expectation.

Phil Dixon