Elder’s Blog January 2020

A New Year Challenge


As we enter a New Year and a new season in the life of our church, I would like to pick up on what Phil preached on last week from Philippians chapter 3.  We have a choice of whether we are going forward with trepidation, looking over our shoulder with regret at what has happened in the past, or whether we are going to move forwards, looking expectantly to see what God is going to do in our lives, both individually and as a church.


Phil challenged us by asking what we will do in 2020 to keep pressing on, what spiritual practices do we need to step into. I know that many do spend a lot of time in prayer and Bible reading and seeking the Lord already but we need to be open as to how we can grow in the Lord.  It may be that you have already decided to get up 30 minutes earlier to spend time with the Lord or something equally challenging, and if so that is wonderful. But I know that many of us feel that we are fully stretched already in terms of the commitments we have.  However, I feel it is really important that we all seek the Lord as a church, so I want to ask you to consider what you can do with the time you have available and offer the following as suggestions:


  • Follow a daily Bible reading scheme – Scripture Union do a good one which can be found on their website under the heading Word Live or you can get them delivered to you – or there is UCB Word For Today, or lots of other Bible reading schemes.


  • If you have a block of time when you normally listen to the radio, eg commuting to work or doing housework, consider listening to a Christian speaker on YouTube or a podcast; or listen to the audio version of the Bible In One Year which takes about 25 minutes and is a great way to get to know the Bible.


  • Spend some time in prayer every day


  • Come to one or more of the church prayer meetings


  • Get involved in Alpha


  • Seek God about whether He is calling you to take on a new role in the church, then be prepared to step out in faith


  • This always sounds very daunting, yet start slowly, maybe by giving up one meal a week, or fast from something you feel has a hold on you and your time, such as watching TV or a hobby and using the time to spend with God


  • Join with thousands of other Christians in praying on the 20th of the month at 20:20 for 20 minutes throughout 2020


Could I also bring to your attention the “away day” on Saturday 8th February, which will be led by Jonathan Bramwell.  It is really important that we spend time together as a church community to reflect and seek God’s will for our church, so please could you try to make this day a priority, and put it in your diary now.


Ruth Meal