Bramhall Baptist Blog March 2020

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think the Christian life can be a bit lonely. We plod through our daily lives sometimes without making any meaningful connections with the people that we rub shoulders with on a daily basis. Sure, we tell people we’re a Christian – but does anybody really notice that we’re different – do we stand out in the exemplary way that we live our lives? Does the way we live out lives point people towards Jesus? Sometimes I think “we” (And I really mean “I”) are the ones who are at fault. How often do I display Aslan-like courage when it comes to talking about my beliefs with the people at work? Answer: not often enough. It seems we have allowed “hiding our light under a bushel” to become the norm. In an age when people in society are encouraged to “bring their whole selves to work” – to embrace their individuality and fluidity of character – it seems like we’ve left a large part of what makes us who we are, at home. This is why we feel lonely out there. IF we make a little bit of effort and let the Holy Spirit do his work we will see amazing results. We’ll connect with colleagues who we never imagined we had anything in common with; we’ll have solidarity in our faith and be able to witness more effectively for Christ. In the past few weeks I have found a real sense of the fellowship in connecting with fellow believers at work – I’ve made new friends and felt stronger in my faith than I have for a very long time. Its amazing the impact it has had. A lot bolder than before knowing that others in the Christian community “have got my back”. Less frightened about giving a Christian view on matters, less afraid of using a Christian story or metaphor to help someone along life’s journey. If we really believe in the Bible and Jesus work on the Cross… surely we should express that, right?!?

Tom Townson