Bramhall Baptist Blog (2nd) March 2020

As everyone keeps saying, we are living in unprecedented times.  For me one of the saddest things is that we are not able to meet together as a church or in small groups to support each other, to worship the Lord who holds all things in His hand and to pray to Him.


When we don’t have our usual routines it is very easy to drift away from the Lord and it is even more important that we keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him.  Yes, we need to keep up with the news, but don’t let it make you fearful; spend time with the Lord every day, praise Him, read His word, speak His promises over yourself, your family, our nation; listen to worship songs.  Take the opportunity to listen to teaching from other churches (go to their websites).  If you have Freeview, TBN on channel 65 has some really good Christian worship and teaching (some discernment is required, but there is a varied programme, so if you don’t like one, try a different programme later on).  Pray – for church members who may be struggling, for wisdom for the Prime Minister and the Government, for hospital staff, for those trying to jobs in difficult circumstances, those worried about their businesses, for other nations which might struggle more than we do.


We also need to look out for each other and we will have to work out ways to do that.  But for the moment, be aware of those who are feeling isolated and lonely and offer them any support you can.  Think of those who would appreciate a phone call or an email.


Finally, remember that God is sovereign.  He is not surprised by what is happening, He has power over the virus, He has power in the world and in our nation and He is the God who answers when His people call to Him. 

Ruth Meal