Bramhall Baptist Easter Blog 2020

Some of us have been through very difficult times since we last met and there are still weeks of uncertainty ahead of us.  We like to make plans, to have things to look forward to, to organise our lives.  None of this is possible at the moment.

  Although we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, we are actually living in a Good Friday situation, or in a time of waiting like Easter Saturday.  Just as we are looking to the Government to tell us what happens next, so we need to be looking to God in this period of waiting.

As we look forward to meeting together again, we need to be asking ourselves what Bramhall Baptist Church is going to look like.  Are we expecting to pick up where we left off, doing the same things, having the same routines?  Or can we use this opportunity to come before God and ask Him “How do you want us to do church?  What new things are you wanting to do in our midst?  What things do you want us to lay before you and let go of?”

But the church is made up of individuals.  So we also each need to come before God and ask the Holy Spirit to search our hearts.  Have I lost the love I had when I first became a Christian?  Have I become lukewarm?  Have I pushed God away through busyness, through being unforgiving?  Do I expect God to speak to me?  Do I expect Him to use me?

We believe in a God who turned Good Friday into Easter Sunday, who turns death into life, who has conquered the powers of evil and death by the cross.  This time of waiting will be over sooner or later, how can we use our time wisely in the meantime? 

God seems to be using this time to speak to people outside of the church in new ways.  He is doing something new in our time, are we ready to join in with it?

Ruth Meal