Bramhall Baptist Blog November 2020

We live, now more than ever, in a culture war. A “war” in the sense that there is conflict between the values and judgments of those who have “secular” rule over us and those religious leaders who we respect, admire, and expect to represent a solid “Christian” explanation of our expected world view.

Whatever your view of “end times”… not something that I would generally fall out over with any fellow Christian… one has to wonder where we are currently headed in that respect. It seems to me that our political classes are willing to bend with the wind to please any particular social group if they think that this will have a net positive impact on their vote share… we are seemingly headed towards an environment where we cannot rely on the political classes, the media or institutional religion for any sense of “truth” (if we ever could)… truth now a concept that can be traded and moulded to fit whatever lens the teller-of-it would prefer… I don’t know about you, but every time I read an article or book which tells me an “incontrovertible” fact, I give it lots of (critical) attention…!

I think I might use Twitter too much… rant over.

Before you put down your coffee and worry that I might be wanting you all to come and visit me in my “retreat” in some far off location (and please could I have your credit card), let me allay your fears! The Bible is quite clear that we are in the world, not of it, and we are here to play our part when it matters most. Paul wasn’t averse to influencing the “Principalities and Powers” that he talked about… even though they might increasingly be difficult to respect. They have a tough job to do and, whatever their (or your) political persuasion, they deserve our prayers. Yes, even Presidents Trump, Macron and Prime Minister Johnson… the same thought applying to would-be Presidents Biden, Le Pen, and Prime Minister Starmer… If they’re going to press the “reset” button… let it be divinely inspired and fuelled by Holy Spirit inspired prayer.

We’ve had some teaching recently on the Holy Spirit and our society is in need of him now, more than ever. May we be guided by the Holy Spirit (“who dwells within us”) throughout our activities such that we demonstrate his “regeneration and renewal”, being an example to those around us as to how Jesus would have them (us) live their (our) lives.”

Tom Townson.