Bramhall Baptist Blog January 2021

This time last year we were wondering how the church was going to manage without a Minister. Oh, if only that had been our only problem!

As we found out last year, a new year can always bring the unexpected, however routine our life might seem. 2021 seems as if it could be equally unpredictable. It is easy to look back and wish everything was like it was before the pandemic. When the people of Israel were going through the desert they looked back through rose-tinted glasses and wished for their old life of slavery, being nostalgic about the cucumbers, melons and garlic they used to eat (Numbers 11). Like the people of Israel, God is leading us on a journey with Him. We must not look back with longing to what life used to be like, but to trust Him as He takes us on this journey. We need to walk with Him more closely than we have ever done before and take hold of the promises He has given us in His word. That means not just reading them, but learning them, thinking about them and speaking them over our lives. We need to learn to depend on His word, not on what is happening around us.

Maybe at this time God is calling us to de-clutter our lives, to let go of the things that distract and take us away from Him. Hebrews 12 v 1–2 calls us to throw off everything that hinders and to fix our eyes on Jesus. God is doing something new in these days, He is calling us to partner with Him and to seek first His kingdom above everything else.

Ruth Meal