Bramhall Baptist Blog March 2021

As Spring begins to appear and, due to the vaccine program, COVID-19 is currently receding, the possibility of a return to our way of life 12 months ago gets ever nearer. And yet, there is still time for reflection that as individuals and as a church we should not simply slip back into the ways that … [Read more...]

Bramhall Baptist Blog February 2021

I don’t know about you but I guess that over the last few weeks and months you will have had cause, like me, to ponder “what makes a great Leader”? Whether that’s within your own home or family, at Bramhall Baptist Church or when thinking about the great matters of State. We see in the press an … [Read more...]

Bramhall Baptist Blog January 2021

This time last year we were wondering how the church was going to manage without a Minister. Oh, if only that had been our only problem! As we found out last year, a new year can always bring the unexpected, however routine our life might seem. 2021 seems as if it could be equally unpredictable. It … [Read more...]

Bramhall Baptist Blog December 2020

In this season in the lead up to Christmas, the world is living in the hope of seeing family at Christmas and in the hope of an effective vaccine so we can resume our normal lives.  As Christians, we need to remember that our hope is in God, the one who came into this world in helplessness as a … [Read more...]

Bramhall Baptist Blog November 2020

We live, now more than ever, in a culture war. A “war” in the sense that there is conflict between the values and judgments of those who have “secular” rule over us and those religious leaders who we respect, admire, and expect to represent a solid “Christian” explanation of our expected world … [Read more...]