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Pastor’s Blog December 2017

“Christmas is all about football.”  This is the claim of Sky Sports Advert for the Christmas season. So this year at BBC carols will be replaced by soccer chants, the baby in a manger replaced by a ball and the three wise men will be played by Alan Shearer, Mark Lawrenson and Gary Lineker. Have … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog November 2017

An issue that I have often found it difficult to clearly articulate my views upon has been baptism. It would be difficult for me to overstate how strong my conviction is, that believer’s baptism usually by immersion is the biblical pattern. My problem is that I recognise that many fine Christian … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog October 2017

An Everyday Church with an Everyday Mission to make Everyday Disciples. As I shared on Sunday morning this is the kind of church that I want to be part of. The purpose of the series of sermons on 1 Peter that I began on Sunday is to explore what it might mean to be such a church and what such a … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog September 2017

In last month’s blog I suggested that rather than seek to be relevant the church should in the first place simply seek to be true to our calling. I suggested that Acts 2:42 provided the best description of the foundations of that calling. Let’s consider what those foundations are: The context … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog August 2107

I ended last month’s post by suggesting that we should be asking ourselves the question, how can we be an authentic church, a genuinely alternative community, seeking to live under the Lordship of Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit? During the course of my 28 years in full time ministry, one … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog July 2017

It’s only a month since I last wrote a blog but it seems such a long time ago, so much has happened since the beginning of June, not least of which is the General Election. The election showed us what we already knew that we are a deeply divided country with no coherent sense of where we are … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog June 2017

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 On our recent visit to Redcar, Margaret and I went to Amazing Grace a growing church in Middlesbrough. As is my way when … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog May 2017

I guess our news throughout May is going to be dominated by the forthcoming General Election. A couple of days after the election was announced I read these verses from Psalm 33: “The Lord foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord stand firm … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog April 2017

The events of the first Easter stand at the very heart of the Christian Faith. In my view Easter is the primary season of the Christian Year and one which I would encourage us to really engage with year on year. The gospels give a disproportionate amount of time to the final week of Jesus’ life … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog March 2017

Over my years in the ministry I have come to value the church calendar in a way that I would never have expected. Growing up, as I did, in a tradition that prided itself on the rejection of liturgy and lectionary and most things associated with the church calendar it was quite easy to imagine that … [Read more...]