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Pastor’s Blog October 2018

        A GENTLE PLEA FOR PUNCTUALITY. At the risk of upsetting some of you, I want to think this month about the issue of punctuality, specifically being on time for the Sunday morning service. I know that this might seem a trivial thing given all the pressing challenges we face and I also … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog September 2018

Last month I wrote about our R.O.L.E. as disciples of Jesus Christ. Over the next three months, on Sunday mornings, we are going to look together at one aspect of our R.O.L.E., being open to Gods’ Holy Spirit. What does it mean for us to be open to the Holy Spirit? There are many possible … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog August 2018

Mike Breen, who led a church in Sheffield for a number of years, has written a number of interesting books on the church and disciple making. He notes that Jesus told his followers that he would build the church and that they were to go and make disciples. So often we get this the wrong way … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog July 2018

Last month we were blessed to have with us for a week a team of young people from Waco, Texas. During their week with us, they were able to visit schools and colleges in Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport and Manchester, spend time with local young people at The Mill and participate in many of our … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog June 2018

This is the final part of a three part series that has sought to answer the question, Does Church Membership matter? I have suggested that although “membership” is not mentioned in the bible, that the idea is consistent with the biblical idea of what it means to belong to the church. Indeed I … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog May 2018

This is the second part of a 3 part blog that is seeking to answer the question, Does Church Membership matter? As I mentioned last month, one of the commonest objections to the idea of church membership is that it is not a biblical idea. However I would want to argue that the biblical word … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog April 2018

DOES CHURCH MEMBERSHIP MATTER? There has been a developing trend not only in the church but across many organizations which has seen membership fall. It has affected political parties and many social organizations too. Many explanations of this have been offered. Some suggest that we have a … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog March 2018

I’ve been studying John 10 over the last few days. It is the well-known passage about the Good Shepherd. The OT has a number of significant passages in which God is spoken of as the Shepherd of Israel. Most notably in Ezekiel 34, the shepherds (leaders) of Israel are condemned for their selfish, … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog January 2018

For me the turn of the year provides an important opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and to plan for the year ahead. I don’t make resolutions as such but I do like to set myself some goals for different areas of my life. Honestly, I don’t manage to achieve even most of what I set out … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Blog December 2017

“Christmas is all about football.”  This is the claim of Sky Sports Advert for the Christmas season. So this year at BBC carols will be replaced by soccer chants, the baby in a manger replaced by a ball and the three wise men will be played by Alan Shearer, Mark Lawrenson and Gary Lineker. Have … [Read more...]